Cat Advice Sessions

Cat Advice Sessions provide tailored advice and practical support to stop any behaviour or welfare issues arising for your cat or to help you manage situations involving your cat.  Here are some examples of the type of advice and support I can offer:


  • Thinking of getting a cat – is a cat right for you?

  • Preparing for a new kitten or cat.

  • Preparing for moving home with your cat.

  • Preparing your cat for the arrival of a baby.

  • Helping a new rescue cat to settle in their new home.

  • Does your cat seem stressed or unhappy and in need of some help?

  • Helping your cat cope with other cats in the neighbourhood.

  • Introducing a new kitten or cat to your existing cat (or dog).

  • Introducing your cat to the outside.

  • Creating a ‘cat friendly’ home, garden or outside space.

  • Behaviour support for ‘senior’ and older cats.

  • Behaviour support for cats who are overweight.

  • Socialisation advice for kittens.

  • Training for your cat’s welfare (e.g. carriers and car travel; visits to the vet; accepting medication; being groomed; using cat flaps).  


Sessions take place either remotely over the phone or via video (e.g. Zoom, Skype etc.) or in your home (following the Government’s current Covid-19 guidelines for working safely in people’s homes) and take about 1 to 1.5 hours.  Sessions include a report and follow-up advice and support by phone, email or video call.


Sessions are £65 (plus mileage if relevant).


If during the session it becomes apparent that a Behaviour Consultation would be more appropriate, the advice session fee will be deducted from the fee for a behaviour consultation.


To book or to enquire, please email or ring me on 07813 813146.


07813 813146

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