Cat Behaviour Consultations

Cat Behaviour Consultations provide advice and practical support to address any existing unwanted, problem behaviour you’re finding stressful or challenging with your cat. 


Some behaviour may be unwanted and difficult to live with but completely natural and normal from the cat’s perspective.  Sometimes, normal, natural behaviour may be misunderstood or becomes exaggerated over time so that it then becomes a problem.  Problem behaviour tends to reflect how a cat perceives and feels about the world around them.  Issues can also come about from some medical conditions and pain which can affect a cat’s behaviour.  The involvement of a vet is a key part of addressing any problem behaviour to ensure any medical issues that may be affecting the cat’s behaviour and welfare are identified and treated.

Cat behaviour issues can vary widely and will be different for each individual cat and your circumstances.  The most common types of issues people seek help with are:- 


  • Aggressive behaviour (e.g. towards you, other members of the household, cats outside the home, other cats or pets in the home).

  • Anxious, nervous and fearful behaviour (e.g. your cat may be very ‘jumpy’ or hides a lot). 

  • Spraying or marking behaviour.

  • Toileting and litter tray issues.

  • Repetitive behaviour (e.g. over-grooming).

  • ‘Management’ behaviour issues (e.g. scratching, hunting, roaming). 

A behaviour consultation includes; a behaviour questionnaire to gather initial information; a visit to assess your cat’s behaviour in their home environment; a behaviour plan; an additional visit if necessary to further support you to put the plan in to action; all follow-up by phone, email or video call to support you and monitor progress. 


Behaviour consultations take place at a time convenient to you and in your own home so that all relevant factors are considered when assessing the behaviour and developing an effective behaviour plan.  Initial visits vary in length depending on the behaviour and the circumstances but typically last between 2 and 3 hours.  


The price of behaviour consultations includes the questionnaire, the visit, report and all support and follow-up.  Prices vary depending on your location – please get in touch so I can provide you with a free no obligation quote.  Fees are payable before or at the initial visit. 

The initial consultation (with report, telephone, email and video call support and follow-up) is often sufficient to resolve most problems, however, follow-up visits can be arranged as necessary (the price of these are included in my quote). 

As a provisional member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors, my fees may be covered if you have pet insurance that includes cover for behaviour problems.  Please check with your insurer.


Addressing some problem behaviour requires both behaviour and medical input.  Consultations should take place after a referral from your vet to ensure that all medical conditions that could be affecting your cat’s behaviour and welfare have been identified and treated.  I provide a quick and easy referral form for your vet to complete as part of the process.  A copy of the behaviour plan will also be sent to your vet.


A 'remote' behaviour consultation may be an option using Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp (or similar) depending on the circumstances.

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