Cat Behaviour Consultations

Cat Behaviour Consultations provide advice and practical support to help you resolve already existing unwanted behaviour or welfare issues for your cat.  For example, you may have brought a new cat in to your home to live with your existing cat, but things haven’t gone as you’d hoped and there is now tension and fighting between the cats.


Cat behaviour issues vary widely and will be different for each cat, but the most common types of issues people seek help with are:


  • Aggressive behaviour (e.g. towards people, other cats or pets in the home, other cats in the neighbourhood).

  • Anxious and fearful behaviour (e.g. your cat is very ‘jumpy’, runs away or hides a lot). 

  • ‘Spraying’ or marking behaviour.

  • Toileting and litter tray issues.

  • Excessive grooming or ‘overgrooming’.

  • ‘Pica’ (i.e. your cat sucks or eats non-food items like wool, rubber or paper). 

  • Scratching furniture or carpets.

  • Roaming and going missing for long periods of time.

  • Inappropriate or rough play.


Sometimes a cat’s behaviour can be related to a medical condition so behaviour consultations involve liaising with your vet to ensure any medical issues and associated pain or discomfort that may be affecting your cat’s behaviour and welfare are identified and treated.


The behaviour consultation process involves:


  • Step 1 – We have an initial conversation about your cat and the behaviour issue.  I provide some short-term, emergency advice to stop the behaviour issue getting worse and to ensure everyone stays safe. 

  • Step 2 – I liaise with your vet and email them a referral form.

  • Step 3 – I email you a questionnaire for you to complete to gather more in-depth information (e.g. about your cat, their history, your home, your cat’s lifestyle, their personality, the behaviour issue itself etc.).  I might also ask for other documents to help us fully understand your cat’s behaviour (e.g. a ‘diary’ or floor plan).

  • Step 4 – We meet either remotely (e.g. via Zoom, Skype etc.) or in your home (following the Government’s current Covid-19 guidelines) so I can complete an assessment and develop a comprehensive, tailored, step by step behaviour plan with you – this takes about 2 hours.

  • Step 5 – I email you the behaviour plan and update your vet.

  • Step 6 – We stay in regular contact to review progress during which I provide unlimited follow-up support by phone, video call or email.


Behaviour consultations are £200 (plus mileage if relevant).  Part or all of my fee may be covered if you have pet insurance that includes cover for behaviour issues – please check with your insurer.


If you think a Cat Behaviour Consultation might not be right for you, take a look at my Cat Advice Sessions.


To book or enquire, or if you’re not sure what service is best for you, feel free to get in Contact.