Cat Behaviour Consultations

Cat Behaviour Consultations provide advice and practical support to address existing unwanted, problem behaviour you may be finding stressful or challenging with your cat.  Cat behaviour issues vary widely and will be different for each cat.  The most common types of issues people seek help with are:-

  • Aggressive behaviour (e.g. towards you, other members of the household, cats outside the home, other cats or pets in the home).

  • Anxious, nervous and fearful behaviour (e.g. your cat may be very ‘jumpy’ or hides a lot).

  • ‘Spraying’ or marking behaviour.

  • Toileting and litter tray issues.

  • Repetitive behaviour (e.g. over-grooming).

  • ‘Management’ behaviour issues (e.g. scratching, hunting, roaming).


A behaviour consultation includes:


  • A questionnaire to gather initial information about your cat and their behaviour.

  • A consultation to assess your cat’s behaviour either remotely (e.g. via Zoom, Skype etc.) or in your home (following the Government’s current Covid-19 guidelines on working safely in people’s homes) – these typically take about 2 hours.

  • A comprehensive step by step behaviour plan and report.

  • Unlimited follow-up support (e.g. by phone, video call, email etc.).


Behaviour consultations are £200 (plus mileage if relevant).


Part or all of my fee may be covered if you have pet insurance that includes cover for behaviour issues – please check with your insurer.


Sometimes a cat’s behaviour can be related to a medical condition so behaviour consultations involve liaising with your vet to ensure any medical issues and related pain or discomfort are identified and treated.

To book or to enquire, please email or ring me on 07813 813146.


07813 813146

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