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Feline Hotline ...

Are you concerned about your cat’s behaviour but feeling overwhelmed by all the different information and advice that’s out there – whether online or from well-meaning family, friends or work colleagues trying to help?


Are you feeling confused by all that conflicting cat behaviour advice, and looking for some clarity?


Whatever your worry, as a cat behaviourist, my ‘Feline Hotline’ is here to help you make sense of your cat’s behaviour and provide you with good quality, reliable advice.

This service is not as in-depth as a behaviour consultation and is intended to give you some clarity about your cat’s behaviour and initial advice to get you on the right road to addressing your concerns and supporting your cat’s welfare.


If needed, an additional service can be arranged to explore your situation further – the price of this session would simply be deducted from the price of any additional service requested.


Client testimonial

Sue helped us so much when we were struggling with our new foster cat's aggressive behaviour.  She helped us to understand the reasons for Hiba's nipping and scratching and provided lots of helpful advice.  Things are so much better now and we have adopted Hiba, thanks very much Sue!  (Karen M, email).

Here’s what’s included:


  • 1.5-hour consultation – via video call (or phone if you prefer).

  • We discuss your concerns about your cat’s behaviour, chat about your cat and their lifestyle, your home environment and what you want to achieve for your cat.

  • A ‘step by step’ personalised action plan that reflects you, your cat and your situation.

  • Liaison with your vet as necessary to ensure they’re aware of the plan.

  • Follow-up support by email, phone or video call for 1 month.

  • The reassurance of knowing you’re on the right track with your cat’s behaviour.


Grey cat sitting on a laptop

Investment = £85.00 (payment in advance).

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