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Behaviour Consultations ...

Are you concerned about any aspect of your cat’s behaviour?  Has your cat’s behaviour changed or become difficult to manage?  Are you worried that your cat’s behaviour might mean they’re unhappy or distressed about something?  Has someone suggested getting help from a cat behaviourist?


For example, has your cat stopped using their litter trays?  Do you have more than one cat and they’re fighting?  Is your cat fighting with other cats in the neighbourhood?  Is your cat scared of your new dog?  Is your cat swiping or trying to bite you? 


Have you tried various things to improve the situation but they haven’t worked and you’re now stressed, out of ideas and unsure what to do?


Whatever your concern, I’m here to help and support. 


Cat behaviour issues are different for each cat, but some of the areas people seek help with are:


  • Aggressive behaviour (e.g. towards people, other cats or animals in the home, other cats in the neighbourhood).

  • ‘Spraying’ or marking behaviour.

  • Toileting and litter tray issues.

  • Excessive grooming or ‘overgrooming’.

  • ‘Pica’ (i.e. your cat sucks or eats non-food items like wool, rubber or paper). 

  • Roaming and going missing for long periods of time.


‘Behaviour consultations’ provide tailored, practical advice and support to help you improve or resolve your cat’s unwanted behaviour.


Sometimes a cat’s behaviour can be related to something medical, so consultations involve liaising with your vet to ensure any medical issues (including any pain) are identified and treated.


Client testimonial

If you have a cat with behavioural problems, then you need Sue's expertise.  Sue visited and subsequently produced a very detailed report and action plan.  It was a long process, and we wouldn't have succeeded without Sue's advice, patience and unbelievable customer service.  We now have a content and happy cat.  Sue is definitely 'Cat Woman' – she has exceptional powers and skills.  (Eddie S, LinkedIn review).

Here’s what’s included:


  • History gathering (e.g. behaviour history form, videos, behaviour diary etc.).

  • Initial 2 – 2.5 hour consultation – either in person or remotely via video call.

  • We discuss all aspects of the situation to ‘unpick’ what’s going on (incl. who your cat is as an individual, their lifestyle, the home environment, the behaviour of concern, and so on).

  • A personalised report with an assessment to help you understand your cat’s behaviour.

  • A tailored step-by-step plan that reflects you, your cat, your situation and circumstances.

  • Liaison with your vet about anything medical for your cat and to update them on the plan.

  • Follow-up support by email, phone or video call for 6 months. 

  • Reduced stress and worry for you and the reassurance of knowing you’re doing everything you can to help your cat and the situation.


Cat looking at their owner

Investment = £225.00 (remote).


Investment = £275.00 (in-person – incl. mileage).

Part or all of the investment may be covered if you have pet insurance that includes cover for behaviour work – please check with your insurer.

If you’d like to chat first before booking, get in touch to arrange a free, no obligation, 15-minute initial call.

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