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It’s tempting to think of cats as small fluffy dogs, but cats are different.  Often enigmatic and subtle in how they behave and communicate, they’re not always easy to ‘read’ and understand. 


Cats can sometimes behave in ways that we find difficult to live with, even after doing all the right things to look after them and provide for their needs.


Cats are good at masking how they’re feeling (e.g. stressed, unhappy, poorly) so they don’t appear vulnerable.  With busy lives, people may not notice that something’s not right from their cat’s perspective.  Problem behaviour isn’t just a problem for the people involved, it can be a problem for the cat too as their behaviour may be an indication that they’re not okay.


People sometimes try to resolve their cat’s behaviour on their own, not realising that professional help is available.  Other people may seek advice from friends, family or work colleagues or by doing research online.  Unfortunately, poor advice, no matter how well intentioned, can make unwanted behaviour worse and possibly more difficult to resolve.  This can mean an issue continues to impact on the cat’s wellbeing as well as putting strain on the relationship between the person and their cat.

Seeking professional cat behaviour advice can help to stop any unwanted behaviour arising, ‘nip’ a developing problem ‘in the bud’ or help with more long-term unwanted behaviour issues. 

Never feel embarrassed about seeking help for your cat’s behaviour, unwanted behaviour can develop with any cat, regardless of how much you love them and how well you care for them.

Without judging, criticising or blaming, and using only kind and effective strategies and methods, I’m here to ….

  • Help you understand your cat’s behaviour.

  • Support your cat’s welfare so you can relax in the knowledge that your cat’s happy and thriving.

  • Provide advice and practical support to stop any unwanted, problem behaviour arising.

  • Provide advice and practical support for unwanted, problem behaviour you’re currently experiencing.

  • Help improve the relationship and bond between you and your cat.

  • Provide advice and practical support to your cat related business so you can provide the best possible care and service to your feline and human clients.

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