It’s tempting to think of cats as small fluffy dogs, or even mini fluffy humans, but cats are different.  Complex and subtle in how they behave and communicate, they’re not always easy to ‘read’ and understand – in fact, cats would make great poker players. 


You probably decided to share your home with a cat because felines are fab.  Living with cats is the best, but sometimes they can behave in ways that make complete sense to them, but can be confusing, frustrating, and distressing for us to live with.

Worried unhappy cat

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Cats have complex emotional and psychological lives and priorities that are super important to them.  That means an in-depth understanding of who cats are and the know-how to interpret their behaviour and support their wellbeing is key.  As a cat behaviourist and a bit of a cat ‘geek’, this is where I come in.


Without judging and using only kind, effective, 'cat friendly' methods, I can help you understand your cat better, enhance your cat’s wellbeing, and assist you with your cat’s behaviour so you can kick back and relax in the knowledge that your cat is understood, happy and loving life.