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Help to Thrive ...

Do you worry that your cat might be bored or not as happy and relaxed as they could be?


Are you concerned about whether all your feline family member’s needs are being met? 


Ever wondered whether your home really is ‘cat friendly’ or whether there’s more you can do to help your cat get the most out of life?


If you’re committed to providing the best possible life for your cat and want them to have a happiness ‘MOT’, as a cat behaviourist, I can help.


My ‘Help to thrive’ service provides tailored, practical advice and support to help ensure your cat is happy, thriving and loving life.

Client testimonial

Sue’s help and advice has been invaluable in settling our two new rescue cats into our family.  One cat settled straight away but the other was hiding away to such an extent, that we wondered if it was fair on her for us to keep her.  Sue’s patient approach helped us to reset and slowly and carefully build a relationship with our cat.  Our cat has made brilliant progress from there and is now a happy and settled member of our family.  (Caroline N, email).

Here’s what’s included:


  • 1.5-hour consultation – via video call or phone (or in person if we’re local to each other).

  • We discuss your cat, their lifestyle, your home environment, your circumstances and concerns, and what you want to achieve.

  • A personalised plan that reflects you, your cat and your situation and guides you through what to do, ‘step by step’, to help your cat.

  • Liaison with your vet as necessary to ensure they’re on board with the plan.

  • Follow-up support by email, phone or video call for 3 months.

  • The reassurance of knowing you’re doing everything you can to help your cat thrive.


Relaxed sleeping happy thriving cat

Investment = £125.00 (plus mileage if in-person session).

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