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Sue has been nothing but helpful over the months.  Since expecting a baby we knew we needed to change our night time routine.  With the right advice and planning we have managed to get our two ready and happy for our new arrival.  Thanks Sue!  (Katie C, Facebook review).

Sue provided wonderful support during a worrying time with my cat.  She took the time to make me feel like I was the only case and has the cat's interest at heart.  I was put at ease & warmed to a genuine interest in my concerns.  Would recommend 100%.  (Penelope C, Facebook review).

Sue helped us so much when we were struggling with our new foster cat's aggressive behaviour.  She helped us to understand the reasons for Hiba's nipping and scratching and provided lots of helpful advice.  Things are so much better now and we have adopted Hiba, thanks very much Sue!  (Karen M, email).

If you have any issues at all or concerns with your feline friend, you need this lady.  I can’t recommend her enough.  Sue has been an absolute God send and her kindness and knowledge of cats and their/our behaviour is second to none.  Worth every penny and much more.  So supportive (and patient!!!!).  (Sally W, Facebook review).

Found my session with Sue incredibly helpful.  Sue was so knowledgeable with offering advice regarding the issues of aggression between my two indoor male cats.  Sue was attentive and the follow up has also been excellent.  Would 100% recommend her service.  (Jessica R, Google review).

We really can’t thank Sue enough for all her help with our two British Shorthairs.  From the very moment we met Sue, she had a calming nature and a phenomenal knowledge which we knew would help us get our two cats to become friends.  She has worked really hard with us and we had contact through phone and Zoom calls throughout our journey.  Sue is always on hand with help and ideas which has enabled us to finally have harmony within our home.  What an amazing lady!  (Sandra D, Google review).

Sue is a smashing human who thinks cat!  She’s guided us and our three cats from fearing we’d never make it to a happy home together to something approaching exactly that.  She’s been encouraging and extremely thorough and thoughtful in her approach to our situation and has a wonderful sense of humour too which can be a welcome relief in times of stress!  For those of you who think paying for a cat behaviourist is too much, think again.  Yes we’ve worked really hard to help our cats get to where we are now but Sue has been both the catalyst (no pun intended!) and the guide to putting us on the right path ….. and keeping us there!  If you’re at all concerned about your feline friend’s wellbeing and happiness, give Sue at The Understood Cat a call, you won’t be sorry.  Thank you for everything lovely lady.  (Tracey W, Google review).

Sue’s help and advice has been invaluable in settling our two new rescue cats into our family.  One cat settled straight away but the other was hiding away to such an extent, that we wondered if it was fair on her for us to keep her.  Sue’s patient approach helped us to reset and slowly and carefully build a relationship with our cat.  Our cat has made brilliant progress from there and is now a happy and settled member of our family.  (Caroline N, email).

Sue was absolutely fabulous, her help and advice for our rescue has helped us to have a much happier and more relaxed cat.  We went from having swiping and biting issues to having a cuddly cat who loves fuss and attention.  (Charlotte L, Facebook review).

Sue has helped so much with introducing my kitten Coco to my older cat Rolo.  I can safely say that the two are friends now!  She did a thorough assessment and produced an in-depth report with lots of recommendations to aid their friendship. Thank you very much Sue.  (Emma L, Google review).

Sue is friendly, professional, clearly an expert in her field, and in my opinion went above and beyond what we expected. Thank you for all your help and support Sue - you’ve been amazing.  I’ve passed your details to every cat owner I know!  (Sarah H, Google review).

If you have a cat with behavioural problems, then you need Sue's expertise.  Sue visited and subsequently produced a very detailed report and action plan.  It was a long process, and we wouldn't have succeeded without Sue's advice, patience and unbelievable customer service.  We now have a content and happy cat.  Sue is definitely 'Cat Woman' – she has exceptional powers and skills.  (Eddie S, LinkedIn review).

We've been having problems with one of our cats, Ziggy, who is obsessed with food and had started to really put weight on.  We knew we had to do something about it so contacted Sue who helped us put a plan together to help us get her eating under control and get some weight off.  After actioning Sue's plan we're happy to say that Ziggy's weight is going in the right direction in a controlled and healthy manner.  Sue’s attention to detail and caring nature really shines through in the work she did for us.  Our vet even commented on how detailed and well put together the plan was.  Would highly recommend Sue for help with your furry friends.  (Jason M, Google review).

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