"Sue has been nothing but helpful over the months.  Since expecting a baby we knew we needed to change our night time routine which led to issues between our male & female cats.  With the right advice and planning we have managed to get our two ready and happy for our new arrival.  Thanks Sue!".  (Katie C, Facebook review).

"Hi Sue, I just want to say thank you so much for your help with our new rescue cat Silver. Your advice has been really useful and he's starting to settle down with us now and we're building a good relationship now. It was also really good to feel supported by someone with so much knowledge and experience and love of cats".  (Jackie T, Facebook comment). 

"Sue provided wonderful support during a worrying time with my cat.  She took the time to make me feel like I was the only case and has the cat's interest at heart.  This was before we exchanged any fees!  In the end the issue was physical, so psychological assessment & treatment was not needed but I was put at ease & warmed to a genuine interest in my concerns even though I didn’t have to employ Sue’s services in the end.  Would recommend 100%".  (Penelope C, Facebook review).

"Sue helped us so much when we were struggling with our new foster cat's aggressive behaviour.  She helped us to understand the reasons for Hiba's nipping and scratching and provided lots of helpful advice.  Things are so much better now and we have adopted Hiba, thanks very much Sue!".  (Karen M, email).


"I contacted Sue to help with my kitten who struggled to use the litter tray properly and didn't know how to cover her poop.  Given the current Covid restrictions, a home visit wasn't possible but Sue was excellent in communicating via email and WhatsApp (which was invaluable in sharing photos and videos).  Sue was extremely helpful and discussed several options in tackling the issue.  Running through various approaches over several weeks, I began to see an improvement in my kitten's behaviour and increasingly in her using the litter tray.  I am very pleased to say that my kitten is now able to use the tray properly and is able to cover her business, with no mess.  I am very much relieved and grateful to Sue for her support!  I would highly recommend Sue and her services.  I am certain she would be able to resolve any issues relating to your cat".  (Mo B, Facebook review).