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Sue has been nothing but helpful over the months.  Since expecting a baby we knew we needed to change our night time routine.  With the right advice and planning we have managed to get our two ready and happy for our new arrival.  Thanks Sue!  (Katie C, Facebook review).

Sue provided wonderful support during a worrying time with my cat.  She took the time to make me feel like I was the only case and has the cat's interest at heart.  I was put at ease & warmed to a genuine interest in my concerns.  Would recommend 100%.  (Penelope C, Facebook review).

If you have any issues at all or concerns with your feline friend, you need this lady.  I can’t recommend her enough.  Sue has been an absolute God send and her kindness and knowledge of cats and their/our behaviour is second to none.  Worth every penny and much more.  So supportive (and patient!!!!).  (Sally W, Facebook review).

Found my session with Sue incredibly helpful.  Sue was so knowledgeable with offering advice regarding the issues of aggression between my two indoor male cats.  Sue was attentive and the follow up has also been excellent.  Would 100% recommend her service.  (Jessica R, Google review).

We really can’t thank Sue enough for all her help with our two British Shorthairs.  From the very moment we met Sue, she had a calming nature and a phenomenal knowledge which we knew would help us get our two cats to become friends.  She has worked really hard with us and we had contact through phone and Zoom calls throughout our journey.  Sue is always on hand with help and ideas which has enabled us to finally have harmony within our home.  What an amazing lady!  (Sandra D, Google review).

Sue is a smashing human who thinks cat!  She’s guided us and our three cats from fearing we’d never make it to a happy home together to something approaching exactly that.  She’s been encouraging and extremely thorough and thoughtful in her approach to our situation and has a wonderful sense of humour too which can be a welcome relief in times of stress!  For those of you who think paying for a cat behaviourist is too much, think again.  Yes we’ve worked really hard to help our cats get to where we are now but Sue has been both the catalyst (no pun intended!) and the guide to putting us on the right path ….. and keeping us there!  If you’re at all concerned about your feline friend’s wellbeing and happiness, give Sue at The Understood Cat a call, you won’t be sorry.  Thank you for everything lovely lady.  (Tracey W, Google review).

Sue has been absolutely fantastic in supporting and helping us to understand our rescue cat Bobby. When we first contacted Sue, Bobby was being aggressive with us both on a daily basis (scratching and nipping) after moving in January this year.  Sue helped us to understand what was going on for Bobby and sent us a detailed report with recommendations. We followed through on these and Bobby's aggressive behaviour started to reduce very quickly and then stopped.  He soon became much happier and more relaxed and has settled in wonderfully.  Sue has been great at following up with Zoom and phone calls to see how we are all doing and has provided advice on other topics like play and leaving your cat when you go away.  She is very knowledgeable and professional but also warm and empathic.  We really cannot thank you enough Sue!!  (Karen and Alan M, Google review).

We reached out to Sue after trying everything to support our indoor cat who had suddenly begun to toilet outside of his litter tray, on the floor.  We had tried everything and anything and the issue was ongoing for nearly 2 years so we were feeling pretty desperate.  I came across Sue during a late night Google search, I thought her pricing seemed really fair, she seemed very knowledgeable and so I decided to give it a shot.  Right from the initial email exchange I felt heard and validated by Sue and I was really impressed by her professionalism and genuine interest in helping us.  Fast forward one Zoom call (that was accommodated around our toddler’s bed time!) and Sue got to working on an individualised plan for us.  She communicated to us throughout the process and checked in regularly. Within a week of implementing the plan, our cat now uses his litter tray consistently for toileting and we have had no issues.  I honestly can’t believe it.  We never thought we’d get to this stage and genuinely cannot thank Sue enough for all of her help. Sue really did go above and beyond with her support and we are so grateful.  I would 100% recommend her services.  (Zaynah A, Google review).

Sue has been supporting us for nearly a year now and we would absolutely recommend her to any person or family who needs help with living with their cat in a safe, happy and healthy environment.  Sue has been in contact with us on a regular basis, continues to be creative and is kind enough to talk to us about what is really best for us as humans and our cat and has visited us in our home to do a thorough observation and produced a comprehensive report that enabled us to better understand our cat and his behaviours, moods and needs.  We all now feel so much happier and couldn't imagine our life without our cat after what felt like a difficult start to the year! If in doubt about anything to do with your cat - reach out to Sue!  She will be the best support you could ask for.  (Gabi A, Google review).

We contacted Sue after having some difficulties with our indoor cat.  Sue was extremely responsive from the outset and went above and beyond to understand our situation, answering any and all questions we had.  Sue shared advice quickly to help us deal with the initial problems and then worked to create a more comprehensive plan from there.  We made the decision to let our cat outside following Sue’s guidance and she really helped put our minds at ease.  As a result of this and other measures she suggested, our cat is much happier and the issues have been resolved.  Sue has reached out a few times following our initial appointment and has continued to be a fantastic help – thanks for everything!  (Emma R, Google review).

Sue has been absolutely incredible with our cats.  Marples, one of our cats, had a series of cystitis incidents, leading to major surgery.  To reduce his stress, we rehomed our newest addition, a kitten, to a friend.  Despite this, Marples began displaying aggression towards his brother (male cat, aged 3) and my partner. The situation became so severe that we had to separate the cats to prevent excessive fighting.  We sought help from Sue, who not only assessed our needs but also provided step-by-step advice and ongoing support.  After much hard work and dedication, our boys can now be together again.  Sue's diligence and consideration of Marples' medical history were incredible, and he has been free of cystitis for over a year now.  We are incredibly grateful for her expertise and would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat.  (Alice M, Google review).

We had an outstanding experience with The Understood Cat.  As a result of Sue's recommendations, our young cat is much happier and better integrated into our household and Loki has become a much more relaxed and confident cat.  Working with Sue has been an absolute pleasure - she is professional, friendly and kind. Importantly, she is also tactful.  Sue certainly understood us as well as she did our cats!  In summary, I cannot recommend Sue highly enough and I credit her 100% with the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in our house today!!  (Sarah S, Google review).

Sue’s help and advice has been invaluable in settling our two new rescue cats into our family.  One cat settled straight away but the other was hiding away to such an extent, that we wondered if it was fair on her for us to keep her.  Sue’s patient approach helped us to reset and slowly and carefully build a relationship with our cat.  Our cat has made brilliant progress from there and is now a happy and settled member of our family.  (Caroline N, email).

Sue was absolutely fabulous, her help and advice for our rescue has helped us to have a much happier and more relaxed cat.  We went from having swiping and biting issues to having a cuddly cat who loves fuss and attention.  (Charlotte L, Facebook review).

Sue has helped so much with introducing my kitten Coco to my older cat Rolo.  I can safely say that the two are friends now!  She did a thorough assessment and produced an in-depth report with lots of recommendations to aid their friendship. Thank you very much Sue.  (Emma L, Google review).

Sue is friendly, professional, clearly an expert in her field, and in my opinion went above and beyond what we expected. Thank you for all your help and support Sue - you’ve been amazing.  I’ve passed your details to every cat owner I know!  (Sarah H, Google review).

If you have a cat with behavioural problems, then you need Sue's expertise.  Sue visited and subsequently produced a very detailed report and action plan.  It was a long process, and we wouldn't have succeeded without Sue's advice, patience and unbelievable customer service.  We now have a content and happy cat.  Sue is definitely 'Cat Woman' – she has exceptional powers and skills.  (Eddie S, LinkedIn review).

We've been having problems with one of our cats, Ziggy, who is obsessed with food and had started to really put weight on.  We knew we had to do something about it so contacted Sue who helped us put a plan together to help us get her eating under control and get some weight off.  After actioning Sue's plan we're happy to say that Ziggy's weight is going in the right direction in a controlled and healthy manner.  Sue’s attention to detail and caring nature really shines through in the work she did for us.  Our vet even commented on how detailed and well put together the plan was.  Would highly recommend Sue for help with your furry friends.  (Jason M, Google review).

Sue is really knowledgeable, reassuring, friendly and doesn't make you feel that any question or concern you have is silly or trivial.  I found Sue online and, before my new cat arrived, I had a 'Help to Thrive' session with her, where she gave me a lot of useful advice, information and tips, followed up by a report (tailored to my house set up and working hours etc.), to help me and my new cat get off on the right foot/paw.  I have felt confident in the way I behave around and respond to my cat and have done things differently than I probably would've done, due to Sue's advice.  I would definitely recommend Sue.  I am a 100% satisfied customer, and my new four legged friend is undoubtedly happier and more settled than she would've been if I hadn't used Sue's services.  (Jane B, Google review). 

I could not recommend Sue more highly!  I had been struggling to manage my cat’s behaviour for a while and could see it was escalating and she was becoming more and more frightened of, and aggressive towards, visitors.  I wasn’t sure what to do and I’m so happy I found Sue.  Sue is incredibly knowledgeable and has been so kind and helpful and gone above and beyond what I could ever have hoped for in terms of the support and advice that has been offered.  We’re still working on putting the brilliant plan into practice and working towards making vet trips more manageable and Sue regularly checks in and offers advice and support.  I’ve seen such a change in Leia, she’s so much more relaxed and much happier.  I was at the point where I was reluctant to have any visitors round but now I have a plan in place that really works so I feel comfortable bringing people into the house and knowing that it won’t be too much for Leia.  (Aislinn H, Google review).

We turned to Sue when our rescued cat Casper was struggling to adapt to her new home, hiding away for a lot of time.  We took up Sue’s ‘Help to Thrive’ session and Casper really has thrived. Casper has become a much more confident addition to the family who now enjoys fuss, play and cuddles all-round the house.  Sue is very patient and provided an ‘above and beyond’ service, much more than we would have expected.  We would 100% recommend.  (George G, Google review).

A few months ago we reached out to Sue to help us with Tabitha and Tinge.  Tabs had decided she didn’t like Tinge, had retreated and stopped going round the house.  We had loads of chasing (of Tabs) and were seriously thinking we might have to rehome Tinge.  Sue has helped us transform the relationship between the girls.  Amazing advice.  Tabs now spends most of the day with us in the sitting room, playing & wandering round the house.  Still some tension, but we have all 3 cats in a supportive space.  Brilliant advice.  (Louise R, Google review).

We asked Sue for help with our two warring cats and she recommended a number of very simple steps to help them establish their own territories in the house and learn to peacefully coexist.  One of the cats had despaired of the fighting and pretty much never came home, but since implementing the measures recommended by Sue, he's been sleeping in the house and is around much more. They'll never be best friends and we still see some grumbling and swiping, but they both seem so much happier and more relaxed .... which means we are too.  I can't recommend highly enough.  (Karen T, Google review).

Sue is very knowledgeable and caring, with a honed talent for her profession and communication.  I first contacted Sue due to some behavioural issues my cat Indie was exhibiting since we moved house almost a year before.  I had exhausted all possibilities I could think of to help Indie by myself, but was quite out of my depth.  Sue performed a home visit and we had a long discussion about the nature of Indie's issues, possible strategies and desired outcomes.  She then complied an in-depth report explaining the possible causes and detailing our plan of action. Since then we have regularly kept in touch, with monthly text updates or video calls when we needed to discuss Indie's progress/alter the approach to treatment.  There were a few minor setbacks, but Sue was there to guide and adjust the course where needed.  This approach is like therapy for both cat and human, identifying what ails the animal and helping the latter to see things from the cat's mindset.  Things that we consider normal can be very stressful for our feline friends.  Sue has equipped me to better comprehend underlying triggers for Indie's anxiety and provided a tool-set of strategies that will be applicable in many other aspects going forward.  She has restored my confidence in being Indie's person.  (Michael H, Google review).

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