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The feline Five-A-Day

Updated: May 9, 2022

Feline behaviour specialists Dr Sarah Ellis and Dr Lizzie Rowe have designed the following simple diet and lifestyle plan to help any cats out there who may need to shed some weight. Obesity in cats continues to be an increasing problem as it is with other companion animals and people.

Their feline Five-A-Day plan promises to produce results in as little as three weeks.

1. Five portions a day - In order to mimic the cat’s natural feeding behaviour of eating little and often, divide the cats’ daily food ration into a minimum of five portions, which should be fed throughout the 24-hour period.

2. Change the location of their food - Placing a portion of food in a different location to the last will enable cats to engage their senses in searching for the food.

3. Night-time feeding - A great thing about puzzle feeders is that they can be filled with food ready to be left for a cat during the night or when you’re out.

4. Water - It’s important to provide cats with fresh water every day, especially if you choose to feed only dry food. Cats also prefer to drink away from their food.

5. Puzzle Feeders - These help to mimic natural, normal feline feeding behaviour whilst keeping your cat engaged, stimulated and moving. They come in all shapes, types and sizes and can be bought from pet stores, some supermarkets and online or made at home. Here are some ideas:-

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