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Working from home with your cat

Updated: May 9, 2022

If you don’t typically work from home, your cat's response to this change of arrangement will depend mainly on your relationship and their personality.

Some cats will just continue as usual with whatever it is they typically do when you're not around - snoozing on their cat tree, having a potter outside, playing with their favourite toy. Some cats, however, will see this as an opportunity to make you part of their entertainment centre for the day perhaps seeking out cuddles and lap time whilst also 'supervising' your work - cats are opportunists after all.

Here are some tips to help ensure this time is as positive and as stress-free as possible for you and your cat:-

  • Try and keep your cat’s routines as consistent and predictable as possible (e.g. morning and evening routines, feeding times, playtime etc.).

  • Follow your normal working day hours and times as best you can.

  • Try and use a room to work from where your cat doesn’t typically spend much time.

  • Set up a cosy bed for your cat on your work-table or desk or on a nearby chair.

  • When you’re at your desk or computer working and can’t be interrupted, always ignore your cat if they try to get your attention. Avoid using food or treats to ‘bribe’ your cat to leave you alone as this will encourage the behaviour more.

  • Each day put out some new toys, a fresh cardboard box or a puzzle feeder in the room for your cat to explore. You can also scatter or hide dry food around other parts of your home for your cat to forage.

  • Ensure you regularly save any work on your computer in case your cat decides to walk across or lie on your keyboard.

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